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Hearing Aids

Why is it important to purchase your hearing aids from an audiologist?

Once it has been determined that hearing aids are needed, it is best to obtain them from a licensed audiologist. Our audiologists are licensed and certified both nationally and in the state of Virginia. Audiologists receive extensive graduate school training to manage many areas of hearing health care. This includes choosing the most appropriate hearing aid for a particular hearing loss, programming the hearing aids in the most effective manner, fine tuning the instruments based on the feedback and needs of each individual patient, and staying up-to-date on the most recent hearing aid advancements and technology.  Their scope of practice also includes the non-medical evaluation and management of hearing and balance disorders.

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Hearing Aids Lake Ridge VA 22192It is estimated that as many as 35 million Americans have hearing loss.  Hearing loss can cause a number of negative factors in the individual’s life including social isolation, stress, fatigue, and embarrassment.  Many types of hearing losses can be successfully treated with hearing aids; unfortunately only 25% of all people who could benefit from hearing aids actually get them.

Hearing Aid Technology

Advancements in digital technology have greatly enhanced the signal processing of today’s hearing aids.  Digital processing in hearing aids allows for more flexibility and adjustments to allow the sound quality to be best suited to your needs and preferences.  At Potomac  ENT, we offer state of the art digital hearing aids with a variety of the current leading hearing aid companies worldwide.  We work extensively with Siemens, GN Resound, Phonak, and Oticon.  By offering a variety of options, we are positive we can find a hearing aid that meets your lifestyle.

Hearing Evaluation

During your hearing aid evaluation, our audiologists will help you select the style of hearing aids that will be best for you with the features you desire. This decision is not only based on your type and degree of hearing loss, but will also take into consideration your lifestyle and level of activity, your physical characteristics,  dexterity, your cosmetic and style preferences, and your budget.  Hearing aids vary in price according to the electronic features available; the cost typically increases with more complex and sophisticated technology you choose.

Ordering and Hearing Aid Fitting

After making a decision as to the type of hearing aid that would be most suitable for you, the audiologist will order the hearing aids.  You will return for a fitting appointment in which the audiologist will program the hearing aids to fit your specific hearing loss and provide a comprehensive counseling and orientation program to allow you to use your hearing aids successfully.  At this time, the full cost of the hearing aids will be due.  We do not participate with any insurance companies for hearing aids, therefore we do not bill insurance companies for any hearing aid benefits. 

30 Day Trial Period

We provide a 30-day trial period on all hearing aids to ensure that you will be satisfied and successful with the hearing aids you purchase.  After your initial fitting appointment, you will return for two or three follow up visits during the trial period to make any necessary adjustments you need.  At the end of the 30-day trial period, if you are not satisfied with your hearing aids, you may elect to try another type or style, or return the hearing aids for a full refund of the cost of the hearing aids, minus a $250.00 fitting fee.  Additionally, all hearing aids come with either a one- or two-year warranty from the manufacturer that covers any repairs or maintenance needed.  This warranty also covers a one-time replacement for loss and damage for a $250.00 deductible.  In addition, our audiologists will provide complimentary adjustments and batteries for the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty.


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Do I need a hearing aid for both ears?

Our ears are designed to be used together- that is why there is one on each side of our head and this is how our brains are wired to process sound and speech.  When hearing loss affects both ears, even if one ear is affected more than the other, it is recommended to use binaural amplification.  Trying to communicate in a noisy environment becomes very difficult when the ears are not balanced.   It is also very difficult to distinguish from which direction sounds are coming when a hearing aid is only used on one ear. Binaural hearing aids can make hearing clearer, less distorted, and more balanced and natural.

Call us for a complementary hearing aid consultation (703) 499-8787 x 5

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