Our physicians are expertly trained to remove foreign bodies in the ear, nose, throat, airway, and esophagus in both adults and children.

Children are known to grab small objects and place them in their mouth, ears, and noses! All parents know to keep small objects out of the reach of children; however children are smarter than we think!
If you suspect your child has a foreign body in the ears or nose our physicians may be able to remove the object in the office using an endoscope or a microscope. If necessary, anesthesia is sometimes needed to safely remove foreign objects. Commonly removed objects include beads, beans, popcorn kernels, small toy parts, play-doh, and even insects!

If you suspect your child has swallowed or choked on a foreign body, take your child to the emergency room immediately.

  • A sudden episode of coughing or choking while eating with subsequent wheezing, coughing, or noisy breathing could be a sign of foreign body aspiration
  • Drooling, refusal to eat, difficulty swallowing, gagging, vomiting, noisy breathing, lump feeling are signs of possible foreign body ingestion.
  • Button batteries are particularly dangerous to children as these can cause extensive tissue damage if aspirated, swallow or even placed in the nose. Keep these away from children!
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