How is Rhinosinusitis Treated?

For viral rhinosinusitis, supportive therapy including analgesics, nasal saline, decongestants, and nasal steroid sprays can be beneficial. Viral infections are self limited and usually resolve within 10 days. If symptoms get worse after 10 days, you may have a bacterial infection. Sometimes, a bacterial infection may be present if you improve within 10 days, but suddenly worsen again. Bacterial rhinosinusitis is treated with oral antibiotics. Occasionally oral steroids may be needed to help decrease the swelling inside the nose. Treatment of allergies may help to decrease the number of sinus infections.

Acute Sinusitis

Surgical intervention can be considered for patients who have recurrent infections (more than 4 per year) or if there are symptoms lasting more than 12 weeks or greater (chronic rhinosinusitis) AND if medications have not been sufficient to improve symptoms. Surgeries for the sinuses are done endoscopically (with a thin telescope connected to a camera). The goal is to enlarge the openings into the sinuses so that they are less likely to be blocked by inflammation. This can be done via a minimal invasive approach in the office called balloon sinuplasty for certain cases or in the operating room called functional endoscopic sinus surgery for more complex cases.

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